Temporary Modular Housing

Temporary Modular Housing
Temporary Modular Housing

Temporary Modular Housing

A pre-fabricated modular unit is easily placed by crane
Modular Construction:

A temporary modular home is a form of construction that is a cost-effective way to quickly increase the supply of affordable housing until more permanent housing can be built.

In a world strongly focused on significantly reducing waste and carbon footprints, and an industry desperately seeking cost control and schedule reduction, a move towards Modular Construction could not have come along at a better time.

Modular housing lessens your carbon footprint

For government departments focused on significantly reducing waste and carbon footprints while maintaining cost control and schedule, a move towards modular construction can meet your demands. Off-site construction methods allow publicly funded infrastructure projects to remain on budget in a sustainable and efficient manner, while increasing the speed to occupancy.

220 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA)

The intent was to design, manufacture, transport and install a 14,875 sq ft ‘temporary building’ in Vancouver, British Columbia. The building features 40 single occupancy suites that are 250 sq ft and have self-contained bathrooms and kitchens, individual climate control and a private living space.  The central building features include an indoor and outdoor amenity space, central laundry and a number of wheelchair accessible suites on the main floor. Through clever use of innovative design ideas and products, the building can be relocated and reconfigured to fit a number of different sites. As well, the foundation system is adaptable and reusable.


With the goal of meeting unique customer and project needs, Modular Construction follows a versatile model that allows for the following benefits:

  • Project Certainty
  • Superior Quality
  • Cost Certainty
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Trade Availability

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