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Why TechCanada?

TechCanada’s goal is simple: deliver high quality projects on time and on budget while adhering to the highest safety standards throughout the process.

We Listen

We Listen

We Analyze

We Analyze

We Act

We Act

Our philosophy is ‘Client Care’ and our mission to provide “Excellence in Service and Solutions”, incorporates an array of abilities tailored specifically to each project’s needs.

By customizing the care to a client’s requirements, we provide the attention, thoroughness and specialization necessary to achieve success.

This is a highly competitive field, where our clients seek dependable and resourceful solutions that maximize efficiencies and streamline processes.

Utilizing a specialized skillset, System Management and Project Controls allow us to work seamlessly with clients and other on-site contractors to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and performance is achieved.


When you have questions, we have answers

At TechCanada, each client is unique and requires unique attention. We meticulously analyze each project’s scope(s) and lead our clients through the process(es) with our exemplary expertise and experience.

Consulting is a collaborative ‘Client Care’ initiative that utilizes creative conception, functional feasibility, task troubleshooting and exacted/estimated execution deliverables; right from a project's preliminary design to its realized and final fruition.

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Building relationships is just the beginning…

Whether your project requires a home application, a business build-out, or an industrial infrastructure, TechCanada has delivered it all. We pride ourselves on offering a dynamic range of solution specialists, technical trades, and industry innovations to address any application.

TechCanada has built the expertise, capacity, and management required to handle any job in electrical, mechanical & instrumentation construction, regardless of size or complexity.

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Preventing Your Potential Breakdowns…

Extend your project’s lifecycle and maintain the value of your investments by utilizing our predictive and preventative maintenance services. We can adapt to any project’s scope, to identify and outline necessary components performing inefficiently and suggest innovative alternatives to serve your better.

Our customized ‘Client Care’ and maintenance management systems, aim to eliminate unscheduled downtime, provide safe operating functions, minimize reactive emergencies and support cost effective solutions to maximize future maintenance schedules.

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