Project Details: 220 Terminal – VAHA

Project Details: 220 Terminal – VAHA
Project Details: 220 Terminal – VAHA

Project Details: 220 Terminal – VAHA

220 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC (Low-income / Assisted living facility)

About Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency:

VAHA acts as a catalyst for the creation of a diversity of housing options that are more affordable than what the private sector provides.

The Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA) is a legally independent agent of the City of Vancouver that leverages city and partner owned land to create new housing projects that offer both, a greater diversity of home options and greater affordability than what is currently offered by the private market.

In 2014, Vancouver City Council, acting on recommendations from the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability, approved the creation of the Housing Agency. The Housing Agency’s mandate is to expedite the delivery of diverse housing options with greater levels of affordability to help achieve the objectives set out in the City of Vancouver’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy.

VAHA is working toward the delivery of 2,500 new homes on City lands by 2021 with 500 homes to be delivered by 2017.

About the Project:

The 3-storey building will contain 39 dwelling units that use modular construction to provide housing on sites on a temporary basis, to be operated by a non-profit organization selected by VAHA.

Modular housing is a form of construction that consists of multiple sections or modules that are typically manufactured off-site. Completed modules are transported to the building site and assembled by a crane. They can be placed quickly and house residents almost immediately after setup.

This project is being developed for people on very low incomes who are facing displacement. We will be looking to expand this pilot and address other housing needs as we receive feedback from the public.

Modular Show unit and presentation suite open to public display at Robson square.

Project Details:

Partners: Horizon North

Type: Residential

Location: 220 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC

Size: Approx. 15,000 sq. ft.

Modules: 38 modules

Timeline: Project award date, August 2016 – Completion, Spring 2017

Year completed: Feb 2017

Scope: 39 single occupancy units – includes: 4 units for people with disabilities, shared indoor & outdoor communal spaces

Estimated project cost: $3million

Estimated electrical project cost: $200,000

Notes: Vancouver’s first modular social housing development

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Temporary Modular Housing

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