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Scope Assessment

Our preliminary ‘scope’ assessments are an integral part of project planning and quote development.

We rely on our attention to detail and innate ability to communicate, collaborate and cooperate to determine the best results for our clients.

By utilizing our experienced estimating team, innovative and integrated software systems, and a well-established network of product vendors, we produce accurate, thorough, and flexible solutions to maintain our competitive edge; and exceed your budget, quality and schedule requirements.

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Construction Management

Is your project pressured by strict timelines, tight budgets or multiple-phases?

Let TechCanada alleviate your concerns, save you money and maximize time management.

TechCanada provides electrical system construction management services across every sector and electrical division.

Our experience, expertise, and knowledge, guides trades and leads our clients through our management processes and customizes our approach to meet the individual needs of each project.

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Design Assist

If you are in the planning stages of a project, TechCanada can help.

From the early stages of any project there is a lot to consider, and even more to address.

The earlier TechCanada can be involved, the earlier we can make a significant difference to your projects planning and ultimately its final fruition.

At TechCanada, we understand that successful projects come from careful planning.

Our experienced leadership and project management team, strives to deliver products, performance, and a clear plan dedicated to delivering high-quality results.

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Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems literally power your world. We don't take that lightly at TechCanada. We understand and respect the level of responsibility, safety, and eco-friendly opportunities that come along with this.

There is so much more to your electrical system than just providing power in a safe manor.

At TechCanada, our experience will not only help you ensure that your electrical systems are safe and optimized, but we can provide cost saving measures by utilizing proper planning, being aware of the latest technologies, and understanding the best opportunities for retrofits.

Our goal is to safe you costs with proper maintenance, planning and preparing for the future. In today's world, the ability to reduce operational costs can also help produce eco-friendly alternatives to your electrical systems.

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Communication Systems

Communicating transcends every aspect of our lives.

Whether it is expressed verbally, through text or images, or in the form of data transfer, communication systems are a crucial element of personal and business connections.

TechCanada values the importance of communication in every capacity and offers our clients a vast array of innovative and technological systems to get your point across clearly and concisely.

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Fire Protection Systems

The worst part of an emergency is to not have a plan.

Fire suppression systems are required in some form in almost every building in North America.

That doesn't mean that all systems are equal though. In certain instances, fire suppression systems when a fire occurs can cause the most damage to the property. There are many types of fire protection systems and ensuring that your property is prepared and safe is where TechCanada experts come in.

Our experienced team can go over your properties and ensure that the fire suppression systems are optimal for your business or home.

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Plumbing Systems

More and more consumers are seeking ways to reduce their footprint and lower their water usage.

Our specialists both for infield services as well as our purchasing group focus on the latest technologies to reduce overheads and cost on your plumbing services.

Whether this comes in the form of larger commerical sites with wet ponds being used for irrigation or a simple lower flow shower head for a highrise apartment that can help reduce a property owners monthly expenses, our expert team of plumbers can help.

Often when thinking of plumbing services, we think of the end of the pipe. Your taps, your toilets, your showers. Let our expert team show you how planning a system wholistically can reduce costs over time, and provide better opportunities for decision making on maintenance. Water treatment is a perfect example of how costs overtime can be greatly reduced, and damage from failing parts can be reduced.

Our plumbing services can handle all aspects of the trade. From large commercial footprints and highrises to smaller builds. We offer full services from retrofits to maintenance, consumption reduction as well as planning and consulting.

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HVAC Systems

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is essential to us all.

Our HVAC systems are what keeps our families warm and safe, our businesses operational and comfortable, and our guests & customers feeling welcome.

HVAC supports all aspects of our lives, both personal and work-related. From the right humidity to conditioning and dust control, HVAC systems are a big part of how you feel in an indoor space.

At TechCanada, we take the control and conditioning of the air in your properties as seriously as we do in our own. Often HVAC in Canada is just thought of as heating and cooling but it is so much more. Ask us how balancing, conditioning, filtering, sterilizing, and humidifying can help create the feeling in your space that you want for years to come.

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Proper refrigeration can be critical to businesses, health, safety, and transportation. More importantly, modern technologies with refrigeration can be critical to our environment and eco-initiatives.

TechCanada can help consult, plan, service, maintain and install refrigeration system for any industry or for your home.

From air conditioners, walk-ins, transportation vehicles, grocery and convenience store systems to sports facilities, TechCanada can help ensure that not only are your refrigeration systems maintained and operating efficiently but also increase their lifespan.

Simply cooling things is not enough. When done properly, refrigeration maintenance or upgrades can help decrease your costs reduce the risk of deficiencies.

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Gas Fitting

Just because we cannot see gas, touch gas, or smell gas does not mean that it is not of the utmost importance.

Gas fitting should always be treated with a very astute attention to detail and be done by trained and skilled tradespeople. At TechCanada we take the safety of our consumers and employees as paramount.

When done correctly, eliminating service calls or emergency concerns, natural gas can be an efficient, green and safe way to heat our homes and water.

Our experienced team, software systems and vendors can supply and install todays latest and most efficient gas burning products so that you can keep doing what is most important to you both in your personal and work life. The last thing you need to worry about is the safety of your buildings, that is where TechCanada comes in.

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Modular Systems

A Modular Building system can be the perfect solution for temporary and permanent structures. From efficiency to optimization of space, modular systems have never been more popular.

Gone are the days of boring old modular office spaces that are never able to maintain a comfortable environment for the people inside.

These module buildings that used to be used mostly in remote locations or constructions offices have now become a perfect opportunity for young, new home owners.

We are able to offer structures that are perfect for equipment rooms, temporary offices, refrigeration systems, control rooms and even a home for a young family.

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At TechCanada, we really do, do it all!

The reality is, when you are offering construction, electrical and mechanical services, and especially when offering retrofit and maintenance services, a skilled carpenter is an absolute necessity.

An essential part of the TechCanada team is our skilled carpenters to ensure that we can provide a full service solution for our customers.

Our carpenters ensure that every job is kept neat, proper, sturdy, safe, and polished.

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TechCanada Contracting Ltd General Services group specializes and offers a wide variety of services to help keep you and your Commercial, Modular building, and Industrial assets healthy and safe to occupy.

Our service abilities include : asbestos assessment, asbestos testing, asbestos abatement, asbestos removals, asbestos management plans, mold inspections and assessments, mold removal, mold reclamation, vermiculite removal, indoor air quality testing and consultation, concrobium fogging for Commercial and Industrial Inspections.

Remediation as the heart of this philosophy. When we talk about safety, we aren't just talking about our own employees but equally important is the safety of our projects before we start and after we leave.

Every project that is worth doing, is worth doing right. If the site requires remeditation of any sort, we guarantee a proper solution. There is no one that we can trust better than our own crews to ensure it is done safely, properly, on time and in a cost effective way.

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Shallow Services

Why use several contractors for one application?

TechCanada utilizes their technical trades abilities and apply them to full scale service. Our shallow services capabilities allow us to maximize efficiency by applying Civil applications to our scopes. Our skilled operators and support network are here for any shallow service scope including parking lot and street lighting, irrigation systems, landscaping works, and many others. Our team takes pride in every excavation in order to safely and efficiently execute each project we undertake.

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